FoulFighter focuses on cutting back on maritime transport CO2 emissions, reducing the spread of invasive species and lowering operational costs of ships by proactively attacking hull fouling.

Permanent hull-attached cleaning – even during voyage

Easy to use during start of every voyage; arrive clean at next port.

Keeps the surface clean

Deals only with early-stage fouling biofilm – the continuous soft-touch cleaning operation prohibits the exchange of invasive aquatic species and it causes no damage to the hull surface.

3-year payback time

If a vessel can avoid a 10% increase fuel oil consumption due to fouling, then cost savings are higher in 3 years than the original investment cost.

90% of world trade is carried across the world's oceans


+$30B Total cost of biofouling is $30 billion per year


10% Even early-stage microbial slime leads to an increase of 10–20% in frictional resistance.


1076M Maritime transport emits around 1076 million tons of CO2 annually

(4th IMO GHG study)

Cumulative costs associated with fouling

Newbuilds and retrofits can save millions of dollars in extra fuel, hull maintenance, divers cleaning, hull inspections and CO2 taxes.

Fouling causes $30 billion in costs for shipping per year. Just 3 tons of extra fuel consumption per day produces 9.6 tons of additional CO2 emissions. Also, the risk of invasive species is dramatically reduced. Paints focusing on corrosive and mechanical resistance can be used instead of the more hazardous paints to focus on repelling any life from the surface.

2% increased hull resistance

+ $57,600 added fuel cost*

4% increased hull resistance

$115,200 added fuel cost*

6% increased hull resistance

$172,800 added fuel cost*

10% increased hull resistance

$288,000 added fuel cost*

14% increased hull resistance

$403,200 added fuel cost*
* Added fuel cost annually for one Panamax tanker (fuel price $480/t, 200 operating days, fuel consumption 30 t/day, fuel cost per year $2,880,000)

The challenge of biofouling is growing. Some ports no longer allow access to vessels with biofouling issues.

“Keep it clean! A comparison of fouling build-up in just five weeks.”

Mika Koli CEO, Marine Business and Energy Savings