Press release, September 6, 2023

FoulFighter selected to join Nordic Startup Challenge 2023

FoulFighter, an automated marine hull cleaning technology company based in Finland, has been selected as one of the 10 startups to participate in the Nordic Startup Challenge, a three-day program in Hamburg, Germany, from September 11–13, 2023.

The Nordic Startup Challenge is organized by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The organization’s goal is to further strengthen partnerships between the domestic and foreign economy. Therefore, it is inviting 10 preselected Nordic startups to come together in Hamburg, promoting collaboration and innovation. This year’s program will focus on coastal economy and logistics.

“We are delighted that FoulFighter is the startup of choice from Finland,” says Mika Koli, FoulFighter’s founder. “The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is creating an incredible space for collaboration where we can expand our network in the maritime space and exchange ideas with other organizations around emissions reduction and operational efficiency.”

FoulFighter was founded on the innovative idea to help vessels cut back on CO2 emissions, reduce the spread of invasive species and lower ships’ operational costs by proactively attacking hull resistance. Founded in Turku, Finland, the company’s automated hull cleaning device prevents the formation of marine growth and fouling organisms.

“This event is an opportunity to discuss our technology with a broad audience,” says Mika Koli. “We look forward to sharing our vision with potential partners who can join us in developing a lasting impact through our innovative solutions. With the support of partners, we feel we can quickly scale our organization to become a catalyst for change.”

About the Nordic Startup Challenge

The Nordic Startup Challenge, hosted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce from September 11–13, 2023, in Hamburg, Germany, is a pioneering business development program that aims to foster international connections and innovation within the startup community. With a dedicated focus on “Coastal Economy & Logistics,” the event brings together ten startups from ten Northern European countries to network, exchange ideas and collaborate in an inspiring environment.

About FoulFighter

Founded in Turku, Finland, FoulFighter focuses on cutting back on maritime transport CO2 emissions, reducing the spread of invasive species and lowering the operational costs of ships by proactively attacking hull fouling. Established in 2019, the company aims to provide the world’s most sustainable and cost-effective hull-fouling solution based on automatic onboard technology.

For more information, please contact Mika Koli, FoulFighter; Tel. +358 400 767 199;